Electric Scooters in Santa Barbara
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Your ride has never been this fun.

Tour Santa Barbara with the Soul Ride electric scooter, an exciting new mode of transportation that has the power to take you wherever you want.  Forget pedaling, this electric scooter is more fun than an electric bike.


25 mi range

Electric Scooter Speed

17 mph speed

Electric Scooter Charge Time

3 hr charge

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Electric Scooter Collapsed

Compact. Portable. Lightweight.

Ultra lightweight.  Incredibly strong and agile.  Engineered for durability.  Carry it around everywhere you go.  With just 2 switches your Soul Ride scooter transforms into a compact package and that can fit in any trunk, corner, or closet.

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Check out the features

Built-In Alarm

Electric Scooter Bluetooth

Bluetooth Connection

Electric Scooter Collapsable

Collapsable Design

Electric Scooter Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Electric Scooter Speakers

Built-In Speakers

USB Charging Port

Accessory Charging USB Port


  • Color: charcoal grey, white and Custom 
  • Max Speed: 15.5 miles (25km/h)
  • Endurance Mileage: 22 – 28 miles (35-45km)
  • Charging Time: 3-5 hours
  • Battery Type: lithium, LG, Detachable
  • MPH Odometer and Speedometer Reading
  • New Bigger Memory Foam Seat
  • Nominal Voltage: 36v
  • Rated Power: 240W
  • Unfold Size: 3.9 ft x 2.1 ft x 3.2 ft (1200mm*615mm*985mm)
  • Fold Size: 4ft x 1.7 x .88 ft (1235mm*536mm*270mm) N.W: 39lbs (18kg) G.W.: 55lbs (25kg)
  • Voice Integration
  • GPS Tracking System (optional)

An incredible riding experience.

The Soul Ride electric scooter is convenient in more ways than one and has many features that make it easy for you to enjoy a day of riding around town.